Transportation & Refining

Our solutions help develop better designs and operate more efficient facilities by creating simulation-based digital twins of equipment and assets; Whether you’re simulating complex flow and heat transfer possibilities to structural response and control systems, you’ll gain the insight and data needed to stay ahead of today’s industry challenges.

Our solutions provide engineers with the ability to create digital twins capable of simulating real world behaviors. The digital twins are then used to gain the insight and data needed to improve designs and operating performance starting with the initial concept and throughout the complete lifecycle of downstream assets.

Whether you need to understand full system behaviors or detailed component responses, our solutions enable you to:

  • Simulate system-level behaviors across a wide range of physics
  • Capture detailed phenomena through computational fluid dynamics and finite element analysis
  • Perform multi-physics simulations to capture flow, thermal, mechanical and electrical phenomena
  • Combine multidisciplinary simulation with design space exploration to increase the range of options that meet your stated requirements
  • Manage all of your digital twin and simulation data in one place to eliminate silos of information
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