Structural Integrity & Dynamics

Sound structural integrity is critical for viable operation, crew and passengers’ safety and comfort, as well as minimal environmental impact. Our simulation and testing solutions can predict fatigue life and hotspots, and optimize a structure for durability, based on simulation from FEM-based stress results or measurement load data. Minimize the dynamic response of the structure early in the design cycle by simulating and optimizing the vibro-acoustic footprint of the vessel’s operation.

Long vessel lifetimes and high maintenance costs mean that safe, durable, and reliable construction is vital. Our portfolio of simulation and test solutions can be used as part of the design process to acquire and analyze physical data to virtually validate the structural integrity of a particular design.

Structural-borne noise and vibration need to be minimized for passenger comfort and reduced environmental impact. Our full suite of vibro-acoustics simulation, testing, and measurement tools ensures that you can minimize the structural dynamic impact of your vessel and its components early in the design phase.

Use our structural integrity and dynamics solutions to:

  • Perform a wide range of structural analysis simulations, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Examine thermal and stress responses on vessel components early in the design cycle.
  • Determine vibro-acoustic effects and mitigate their influence.
  • Acquire physical noise and vibration data for validation and feedback on designs.
  • Optimize components while maintaining performance requirements.
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