Mixing & Stirred Reactors

Leverage the power of multiphysics simulation to answer many of the questions associated with mixing and stirred reactors. Optimizing reactor performance increases margins through improved energy efficiency and throughput, higher product quality and consistency, and lowers operating costs by reducing process maintenance requirements.

With automated workflows that are purpose-built for mixing applications, our simulation solutions provide you with the tools to gain comprehensive engineering insights and overcome the challenges of achieving operational excellence in the Chemical and Process industries:

  • Reduce power consumption by increasing hydraulic efficiency to achieve the same level of mixing with lower power consumption
  • Increase productivity by reducing raw material requirements with higher throughput leading to greater environmental sustainability
  • Develop a complete understanding of the internal processes, making complex phase interactions feasible through more innovative reaction schemes
  • Bring new products to market faster by reducing the time and cost of development programs
  • Move beyond traditional design approaches based on pilot-scale experiments, restrictive correlations, and costly production trials
  • Use design space exploration tools to find configurations and operating conditions that identify new levels of process performance and efficiency

Troubleshoot and improve under-performing processes or equipment creating restorative value in brownfield facilities

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