Marine & Offshore

Our solutions provide engineers with the ability to design better offshore systems through the use of simulation-based digital twins. Develop virtual representations of your offshore platforms and floating structures to inform and lead the design and operational decisions. Using simulation-based representations of your offshore structure or system it is possible to simulate real-world behaviors relating to interactions with the harsh marine environment and gain the confidence you can maximize system safety and optimize performance.

The digital twin can be used as the foundation of a simulation-led process. Our solutions give you the ability to capture behaviors such as wind and wave impact on, and interactions with, offshore structures as well as mechanical and control system responses during design, commissioning and operation.

From system-level simulations to computer-aided engineering our solutions offer the ability to:

  • Simulate wave and current interactions using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Predict structural response using Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Capture complex fluid-structure interaction simulation of offshore floating structures
  • Perform system-level simulations of flow, thermal and control systems
  • Manage storage of, and access to, large volumes of simulation data, whatever your toolset
  • Automate design space exploration and optimization and combine your simulation toolset
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