Particulate Processes

Leverage the power of high fidelity simulation and testing to model and understand all the processes involved in a coupled fluid and particulate system to optimize performance and efficiency

For engineers who design or operate processes involving particles and particulate transport, our solutions help you understand their complex behavior and meet process performance targets while optimizing operations

  • Save time, energy and avoid over-design in particle transport systems by scaling up using virtual prototyping instead of having to rely on restrictive correlations and rules of thumb
  • Increase operational efficiency by accounting for complex physics in particulate transport processes to understand and navigate the implications
  • Reduce capital costs based on technical feasibility studies using high fidelity simulation to explore potential designs and alternatives
  • Perform Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations for the pilot and at full scale under actual operating conditions
  • Use modern, coupled Discrete Element Method and Computational Fluid Dynamics solvers for particle and fluid flow allowing you to understand the shape, size, and surface behavior of particles during the design and engineering phases
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