Engines & Power Generation

Improving fuel efficiency requires a holistic approach to engine and powertrain design. Our combined portfolio of testing and advanced simulation tools enables detailed component-level analysis, such as in-cylinder flow. Use integrated systems analysis to look at engines, electric generators, power electronics, and cooling systems. Critical performance areas such as component fatigue and durability, battery optimization, electrical motor design, and energy consumption can all be investigated using our simulation and testing tools.

Our solution portfolio is uniquely positioned to bring better engines to the market faster with a simulation-based design approach assessing engine performance and operation from component to full-system levels. Using a combination of simulation, testing, and optimization tools as well as specialized solutions for traditional and alternative propulsion systems, our portfolio enables you to design and integrate an optimal engine system for your vessel.

Our solutions can be used to:

  • Optimize the performance of diesel and hybrid engine systems at component and system levels.
  • Increase engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, helping to meet emissions regulations.
  • Virtually develop and integrate electric motors and generators, ensuring high performance and reliability.
  • Predict impact of modifications such as scrubbers on existing vessels.
  • Design thermally efficient battery packs with optimized system design.
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