System Performance & Controls

Ensuring efficient vessel performance requires integration and optimization of multiple complex systems. Our solutions allow designers to check system architecture impacts on the complete vessel performance before any physical development takes place. Simulate and validate components early in the design cycle, and accurately predict the performance of systems including propulsion system architectures, hydraulic systems, and environmental control systems.

Reducing fuel consumption and emissions to meet environmental regulations requires optimal system performance and controls to design efficient, eco-friendly powertrain systems, including traditional, electric and hybrid. Marine system designers also need to improve overall performance, energy flow, NVH comfort and cargo capacity to differentiate from the competition.

Our system simulation solutions are designed for mechatronic system performance engineering from early design stage through to validation and controls calibration. Develop hybrid marine powertrains faster by selecting efficient architectures, component sizing and related control system strategy. Optimize engine efficiency and energy recovery systems with the early design of new system architectures reducing energy consumption and test costs while improving safety and durability. Our portfolio allows connected system simulation to perform full ship system performance analysis and find optimal fuel consumption for different scenarios.

Our system performance and controls solutions enable:

  • Evaluate and optimize all marine engine subsystems, including air management, fuel injection and valvetrain systems.
  • Improve energy management by validating the most efficient propulsion architecture over complete mission profiles.
  • Design hydraulic systems efficiently via correct component sizing, ensuring optimal dynamic response.
  • Optimize environmental control systems, including air conditioning and ventilation systems.
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