Propulsion System

Achieving an optimal propulsion system early in the design phase ensures the vessel meets contract requirements while improving sea-going capacity and reducing vessel fuel consumption. Our solutions create a propeller digital twin early in the design phase, giving understanding of propulsion effects at full scale. From propeller in isolation to sub-systems to full system performance, design an optimal, innovative propulsion system that meets contractual and regulatory obligations at a lower cost.

Use our propulsion system solutions to:

  • Predict propeller performance, including the effects of cavitation and erosion.
  • Optimize propeller designs for required operational efficiency.
  • Simulate self-propulsion and analyze design-critical operating conditions.
  • Improve existing fleet efficiency via energy saving devices and other refit options.
  • Minimize vibro-acoustics, ensuring reduced environmental footprint and structural integrity.
  • Provide accurate inputs to load calculations and system simulations.
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