Downhole Tools & Wellbore Operations

Simulation plays a large role in predicting device performance, and helps manage risk, by allowing you to assess the response of your device to variability from multiple interacting sources: design variability, operational and usage variability, and patient variability.

At every step of the design process, a multitude of decisions are made. These decisions affect device performance. But which design decisions have the biggest impact on performance? How will a device perform when it is used across a broader patient population or operational range? Multidisciplinary design exploration provides a method for conducting systematic quantitative assessments of precisely these kinds of questions.

Our design exploration tools allow you to:

  • Determine which design variables have the largest influence on your key performance metrics
  • Predict how device performance will be affected by changes in patient characteristics/physiology
  • Evaluate the robustness of designs to a wide range of operational scenarios and inputs
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