Moving Objects

Simulate a broad range of physics and motions all within a single environment

Within a single environment, Simcenter empowers users to simulate not only a broad range of physics but also a broad range of body and mesh motions to accurately capture your physics. With our motion models, you can simulate real-world performance of moving, overlapping objects with overset meshing, predict dynamic 6-DOF motion of bodies, understand multi-physics interactions to model performance ‘as installed’, easily drive geometric changes for design exploration, easily predict rotating/translating machine behavior and define sophisticated motions to accurately replicate machine operations.

Dynamic Fluid-Body Interaction (DFBI)

With Simcenter, you can understand a body’s behavior in any flow field by creating bodies that can move due to fluid forces and constraining them in any direction. Addition of external forces and connecting bodies ensures greater accuracy in simulating fluid-induced motion. Applications include propulsive devices, bearings, moorings, hinges, joints, springs, ships, and rotating machinery.

Morphing Meshes

This vertex-based motion model enables non-rigid motion of boundaries to simulate surfaces changing shape/location in a simulation. The deformations can be to change design shapes, use adjoint to find better designs or to simulate physical changes. Applications include optimization, ice accretion, FSI, erosion, in-cylinder analysis, and positive displacement pumps.

Motion Definition and Nesting

With the ability to specify both simple and sophisticated user-defined motions and nest them, users can now simulate applications such as painting, vehicle flooding, rudders, harbor drives and azi-pods.

Overset mesh

Our industry-leading overset meshing technology makes sophisticated motion simulation accessible in a few, easy clicks, bringing complicated motion modeling capability to engineers. Now you can accurately simulate motion including small gaps, contact with zero gap, dynamic overset/wall behavior, combined overset/boundary interfaces and topology options. The Overset mesh also seamlessly works with dynamic fluid-body interaction (DFBI), contact modeling, external connections, morphing, multiphysics models, DEM and fluid film. Applications include pumps, valves, drill bits, marine vessels, aerospace control surfaces, mixers, compressors, store/stage separation, pigging, windshield wipers, tableting and more.

Reference frames

An array of moving reference frames in Simcenter enables defining mesh motions with respect to a reference frame in a steady-state approach. This is used to simulate motion behavior at a low computational cost when inflow is fairly uniform and steady.

Rigid body motion for CFD

Simulate translation and/or rotation of a mesh region defined as a constant rate or a user function in this unsteady approach for monolithic region motion to simulate fans, pumps, propellers, mixers, and automotive applications.

Sliding and Non-Conformal Meshes

Simulate a broad range of translating/rotating devices from pumps to trains with sliding and non-conformal meshing in Simcenter using accurate and scalable solution interpolation across non-conformal, moving interfaces.

Solution Mapping

Within Simcenter single environment interface, users can easily map data between different solution physics with surface/volume data mappers to drive co-simulation of stress and flow in FSI applications where surface deformation is necessary.
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