Downhole Tools & Wellbore Operations

Engineers must combine innovation and functionality in design with reliability and efficiency to ensure safe and successful drilling and production operations. Based on the digital twin approach, our solutions offer the ability to predict and assess mechanical, electronics and control behavior through the entire lifecycle of your product. Based on a combination of system simulation, 3-D Computer-Aided Engineering (including Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis) and physical testing, our solutions help you lead your design and operations with simulation.

Whether involved in drilling or production operations, our solutions offer engineers a unique range of capabilities–from system-level simulation to detailed computer-aided engineering such as CFD and FEA. Embracing a digital twin approach places a predictive, simulation-based process at the center of the design and operational stages of a well’s life.

With the automated simulation workflows and physics models available in our solutions, it is possible to:

  • Embrace a simulation-led process, putting the digital twin at the center of your design and operational decision-making
  • Simulate the widest range of physics in drilling and production operations–from mechanical and structural responses, to flow, thermal and process behaviors, to electrical and control systems
  • Increase your confidence in the performance, safety, and reliability of equipment and products exposed to the hostile operating conditions of the wellbore
  • Innovate and explore designs faster to bring downhole and drilling products to market faster
  • Use design space exploration coupled with physics-based simulation to understand real-world conditions and optimize your drilling or production system in operation
  • Extend the life of operating systems through safe and effective simulation of operating conditions
  • Identify the causes, and improve the performance, of under-performing equipment and processes
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