Simulation & Test for Oil & Gas
Develop Better Products Faster and Operate more Efficient with Safer oil and gas facilities
Simulation & Test for Process Industry Applications
Predict process performance, optimize for energy and process efficiency
Digitalization for the Marine Industry
Use the power of digitalization to boost innovation with Integrated Ship Design and Engineering.
Realizing Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Ensure quality, traceability and regulatory compliance across the product lifecycle.

Siemens and Tridiagonal Solutions are now into a strategic partnership to co-develop process industry verticals (primarily Oil & Energy, Pharma, Food, Spec. Chem, Metals & Material, etc.) to provide the state-of the art solutions to the customers in their digital transformation journey. Tridiagonal will bring up the entire experience in the CFD domain to empower industries in identifying and deploying latest simulation techniques with Siemens Digital Solution offerings. Below is the quick overview of Siemens Simcenter portfolio and its applications for process industry.

Simcenter – we help our customers avoid risk and gain a competitive edge by offering them a complete environment to effectively optimize the performance of complex products throughout the lifecycle, starting from the early stages. Simcenter allows engineers to generate a set of ultrarealistic, multi-physics models and data that can predict real product behavior. These are essential to the holistic digital twin, the industry paradigm that will help companies face today’s challenges with smart designs that combine mechanics with software, electronics, controls and new, lightweight materials. Using Simcenter will help manufacturers engineer innovation into their products faster and with greater confidence.

Delivering a comprehensive solutions portfolio

The strength of Simcenter is in both the excellence of its individual components and the synergies that can be achieved by combining them. The physical testing, multidisciplinary computer-aided engineering (CAE), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and powerful multi-physics system simulation solutions are long-time industry leading applications. Simcenter solutions merge those elements with robust design exploration and data analytics, which are managed in a product lifecycle management (PLM) context powered by Teamcenter.

Oil and Gas

Process Industry

Pharma & Medical


Oil and Gas

Our advanced simulation tools provide the insight and understanding required to design and operate systems that work together, to provide the required functionality and efficiency and help you to maintain the highest safety, environmental and performance standards needed to meet current and future industry needs.

Our solutions are capable of simulating a wide range of physical behaviors, from structural response and acoustics to heat transfer and fluid mechanics. Our solutions offer the ability to simulate system-wide behavior as well as capture the highest level of detail through its 3D computer-aided engineering (CAE) approaches such as finite element analysis (FEA) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Whether you are involved in exploration and production, transportation or refining our solutions provide the simulation and data management backbone of your digital twin.

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Simulation & Test for Process Industry Applications

Operational excellence is the key to increasing profitability in the chemical process industries. With the constant demand for innovative new materials, every step of the process to convert raw materials into higher value products requires a deep understanding of complex multiphase and reaction phenomena. Your goal may be to improve under-performing equipment or to replace it with entirely new designs that reduce waste and energy consumption with increased yields. Or perhaps you’re looking to evolve your processes to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

To outperform in today’s competitive process industry, engineers need tools that enable them to develop the most complete understanding of the complex physical and chemical processes occurring in the equipment they design and troubleshoot; levels of understanding far beyond those provided by experiments or basic engineering principles.

Our portfolio of solutions combines:

  • 1D and 3D system simulation methods
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation
  • Discrete Element Modeling (DEM)
  • Testing and Engineering Services

Together they provide a virtual engineering and analysis environment for predicting overall process performance, validating designs, or troubleshooting sub-optimal processes allowing engineering teams to achieve operational excellence, faster.

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Pharma & Medical Devices

Digitalization for the Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals Industry

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers solutions for leading companies in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries that recognize the need for a product lifecycle management (PLM) platform to answer product development challenges. Our proven, flexible solutions help speed up innovation in the pharmaceutical and medical device development, ensure quality, reduce costs and maintain adherence to ever-changing global regulations, including FDA compliance.

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Increasingly stringent emission standards and regulations are forcing improvement in all aspects of ship performance. Successfully achieving performance targets requires innovative designs to be effectively delivered in short time frames. Our solutions enable you to examine almost every aspect of ship design and meet and exceed required design standards.

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